Bring your Dead Traveller’s Soul Back to Life

Bring your Dead Traveller’s Soul Back to Life:- Slow down…Stop…Wait. Now take a minute to ponder on how you are using your gift of life. Thought through? Okay, let’s proceed to the truth. We spend ten hours straight, in our cubicle and the weekends catching up on sleep and this goes on and on. Is life really meant to be lived like this? We are so caught up in the routine that we are forgetting the very essence of life – adventure. (And we are sorry, but binge watching Game of Thrones each night is not the definition of adventure.) We are busy in pleasing others, wanting them to like us , we are more concerned about the number of likes (loves, wows etc) our duck face/fish gape photos get on the social media when all that we should be doing is understanding and embracing life.

Bring your Dead Traveller’s Soul Back to Life

Bring your Dead Traveller’s Soul Back to Life

So readers let us break this routine and step into the world. Let us experience the anticipation of waiting for the sunrise while we sit on top of a mountain. Let us feel the magic of ice covered mountains and the beauty of the colour of the sunset, which paints our body orange-red. So that when it all comes to an end we have the story of how we travelled and lived, documented in our heart. So let’s break free now and let the experience of the travels make us age like a fine wine.

Still not convinced to hop on this journey with us and be the Monk who sold his Ferrari? No? Then bear with us a little more and imagine these two scenarios –

Scenario 1: The alarm clock wakes you up but you try to ditch it and get 10 more minutes of sleep. But you can’t be late and miss out on your important meetings. So you get up, get ready and head straight to the office. You spend hours working and never realise that it’s already evening until you look at the watch. You come home, take your dinner, watch some TV, and spend a few hours with your family before finally heading to the bed. This is your everyday story and you don’t even remember the last time you travelled and gave yourself the time you so deserve.

Scenario 2: You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping outside. You step out and feel captivated by the beauty of nature. The rays of the sun rejuvenate your face. You are on this trip where you explore places and stop while walking just to admire the view. You visit museums, art galleries and have coffee in the town’s coffee shop. You take pretty pictures of people, of the scenic views and of yourself. In the afternoon you run through the forest just to chase the fog and in the evenings you lie down underneath the open sky and watch the stars. On your next stop you watch the sun rise with your feet dipped in the cold water of the river. You watch your reflection in the green river water and you smile to yourself thinking about your next adventure when suddenly the wind meets your hair and there you are, completely lost in the moment.


Now which scenario’s hero would you like to be? The choice is yours. Life just doesn’t happen you have to make it happen. So find your lost soul and travel whenever you can. Do crazy things, live the moment thoroughly and create memories.  So voyagers pack your bags (don’t worry about the rest for will take care of it) and steps out of the boundaries. Come…let’s fall in love, together.

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